March 17th, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic and recent market volatility have presented new challenges for all of our families, communities, and businesses.  We are all in this together – and wanted to reach out to you to assure you that you we will be here for you as a source of stability during these uncertain times.   Supporting you – our clients – and your plan participants is our top priority.

In order to fully support you, we have put in place our business continuity plan (BCP) to ensure continued operations, and to be able to assist you without interruption.  The BCP for our firm is tested annually, most recently in January, and was reviewed last August by our third-party firm auditors, CEFEX.

The following steps have been taken to ensure the safety and support of our clients and plan participants, as well as our team members, following the guidance provided by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO):

–  Our team members have moved to a mostly remote setup with home workstations that are fully equipped to mirror our setup at our office with extensive cybersecurity protections, and are prepared to conduct business as usual;

–  Our home workstations are fully connected to our firm’s secure network, electronic files, and phone systems;

–  We will remain in contact and engaged with key partners and vendors, such as third-party administrators and recordkeepers;

–  We will continue to administer the DirectAdvisors prevailing wage Trust, and there will be no interruption in the processing of payments or fringe deposits;

–  We have implemented precautionary measures to reduce potential exposure with our clients by temporarily suspending in-person meetings.  If we already had a meeting scheduled with you, we have/will either postpone the meeting for a later date, or set up voice and video meetings to speak with you and your participants; and

–  We are confident that our BCP will enable our team to stay connected to you and your business during this time.  We remain committed to delivering exceptional client service, and expect to reach out to you each week with updates, and most importantly, to listen.