DirectAdvisors was pleased to welcome 3 experts on cybersecurity to our latest installment of our video podcast series: Carl Benevento, Channel Manager and Consultant for TAG Solutions and Cyberstone Security, Bo Jayakumar, also a Channel Manager and Consultant for TAG Solutions and Cyberstone Security, and Dave Vener, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for TAG Solutions. This discussion, which was led by Tom Santa Barbara, President of DirectAdvisors, focused on the importance of protecting yourself and your business with a cybersecurity policy.

Cybercrime breaches (of both businesses and individuals) have been rapidly growing for a number of years, with seemingly no end in sight. A breach can potentially destroy your business and can result in significant financial consequences, and can also have a negative impact on the reputation of your business. A cybersecurity policy should be part of your company’s risk management plan in order to protect ownership, your employees, and your clients.

At DirectAdvisors, we invest heavily in IT security and data protection in order to safeguard the assets and personal information of our clients and plan participants. We continue to look for ways to enhance our cybersecurity plan, and recommend that our clients do the same.

To watch the 30-minute video podcast, please click on the link below:

DirectAdvisors – TAG Solutions Video Podcast: Cybersecurity Protection for Your Business

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