Custom Davis-Bacon Prevailing Wage Services

The fringe benefits you provide to employees are personal. Your experience creating that plan should be too.

Direct Advisors works with you to make sure the fringe benefit plan you design not only complies with the Davis-Bacon Act and relevant federal and state laws, but also benefits your company and your employees.

We start by evaluating your company’s situation, including demographics, existing benefit offerings and volume of public work, to determine what type of prevailing wage plan is appropriate. 

Administration and Support

We design your benefit plan—and then we make it easy for you by administering it. We take on:

  • Processing insured and cash benefits 
  • Fringe benefit banking to help employees pay insurance premiums during seasonal layoffs
  • Integrating health and welfare benefits with the retirement plan
  • Regular, scheduled group and one-on-one meetings with your employees
  • Providing accurate, timely statements by mail or online
  • Secure online access to account information for you and your employees
  • Answering the phone when you call!


Direct Advisors prides itself on straightforward, honest pricing so you pay:

  • A one-time set-up fee
  • A straight percent of any amount you contribute to the Direct Advisors Trust

You never pay:

  • Transaction charges
  • Tax-form preparation charges
  • Enrollment meeting charges
  • Processing fees

Audits and Investigations

If your construction company becomes the subject of a regulatory agency’s inquiry, audit or investigation, we have your back—at no extra cost.

We have assisted many clients in these situations and have successfully expedited resolution. You can count on us to handle much of the administrative burden, including:


  • Providing plan documents and records
  • Supplying data
  • Verifying calculations
  • Answering questions

Prevailing Wage Resources

Find useful, expert information to help you navigate prevailing wage laws and bona fide benefits.


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