Einstein calls it the 8th wonder of the world – Compound Interest – the ability for your money to grow exponentially over time. Most people would like to take advantage of this and give themselves at least the option to retire someday, but just how much money do you need to retire, and just how many people out there even have enough saved to retire?

Our 7-minute podcast on this topic can be found by clicking on the following link:

Retirement Plan Podcast Series #5: Get Rich Slowly: The Key to Helping Participants Maximize Their Retirement Plan

The Team at DirectAdvisors often conducts orientation meetings, and both group and individual meetings with participants, to help ensure they’re not only on the right savings path, but also investing appropriately.  If you or your employees would like some guidance on your retirement savings strategy, reach out to the team at DirectAdvisors by phone at 518-362-2119 or by e-mail at info@directadvisors.com.