Reduce Reputational Risk and Liability

We specialize in providing fiduciary oversight, advice, and guidance for your retirement plan and its investment offerings through our fiduciary risk management services.

An often unaddressed area of risk exposure for an organization is its retirement plan.  Protect your firm’s reputational risk and fiduciary liability by partnering with a co-fiduciary who is an expert in retirement plan governance, oversight, and management.


    Reduce overall costs and streamline management, while complying with ERISA guidelines governing your employee retirement benefits.

    From retirement plan design to assistance vetting other service providers to communicating the plan to your employees, we are at your side when you need us, as much as you need us.

    CEFEX Fiduciary Certificate of Completion

    The Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX) has awarded DirectAdvisors a CEFEX Fiduciary Certificate of Completion. This prestigious certification is only given to companies that adhere to a standard representing best practices in the industry.

    Where you see obligation, we see opportunity.
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    DirectAdvisors – Vanguard Video Podcast: What To Do When Markets Drop 20%

    Stock market drops of 20% or more are an unfortunate fact of life for investors, and can be expected to happen once or twice a decade. If you sell when prices are falling, you may miss out on a recovery. Since no one knows when the recovery will start, or how long it will take for the market to bounce back, it is important to stay the course.

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