When we founded Direct Advisors in 2001, we did so with the goal of providing a unique and different experience for our clients. We wanted to provide solutions that continue to set our clients and their employees up for financial success. We have always sought to do this by pairing the most evolutionary thinking, technology, and solutions, with access to the finest quality products and investments services.


Today, 21 years later, we are proud to say we are even more committed to the mission of being an evolutionary company with forward thinking ideas and insights. To ensure this commitment, we are pleased to announce, that as of September 1, 2022, Direct Advisors has been acquired by HUB International Limited, a leading full-service global insurance brokerage.


What does this mean for our clients?
Other than now being a division of HUB International, it is business as usual. We will be able to expand our original vision for providing the best evolutionary thinking, technology, processes, and choices when it comes to providing comprehensive solutions for retirement, wealth, and insurance. As a HUB International company, we will be able to leverage the vast resources and expertise of an international brokerage while retaining our commitment to local client services, specialization, and focus.


Who is HUB International?
Ranked among the top five insurance brokerages worldwide, HUB International is a leading full-service global insurance broker providing products and services for risk management, insurance, employee benefits, retirement, and wealth management. HUB has a vast network of specialists, who bring clarity to a changing world, offering tailored solutions and unrelenting advocacy so clients are ready for tomorrow. HUB offers both personal and business solutions which we will now be able to provide to our clients. From personal insurance needs like home, auto, life, and valuable property coverage, to business-related services like employee benefits, retirement solutions and worldwide coverage.


Why did Direct Advisors choose HUB?
The strong appeal of HUB’s reputation and operating philosophy are in-line with our continued vision to provide our clients with evolutionary thinking, technology, processes, services, and products. We will have the capital, infrastructure, professional network, and resources of a global company to continue to grow and compete in a fast-changing world and provide an expanded array of products to meet personal and company needs as well.


HUB relies on its regional operations (hubs) to serve as a continuing platform for local market specialization and focus. All of us at Direct Advisors will extend HUB’s presence in providing our wealth, retirement, and insurance services and products. Direct Advisors can now leverage the vast array of tools, technology, and resources available from HUB to continue to enhance our unique experience to our clients.


What happens to the Direct Advisors team?
The entire Direct Advisors team and leadership will remain intact.


Will the Direct Advisors client service team change?
There are no changes to our client service team.

Thank you to our clients for their continued business and personal relationship. 

We look forward to building your future with you.


Tom Santa Barbara, AIF®, CPFA
President, Co-Founder
14 Plaza Dr. Suite 102, Latham, NY 12110
(518) 362-2119