We’ve spoken with thousands of participants regarding retirement planning, and while most of that time is spent planning how to get dollars into their retirement plan (e.g., how much to save, how to invest), it is equally important that you and your participants understand how that money will come back out.  We’re all saving for a reason, and that is to eventually use this money.  So what sort of options do you have to offer your employees?  Is your retirement plan designed efficiently and correctly?

Our 9-minute podcast on this topic can be found by clicking on the following link:

Retirement Plan Podcast Series #1: Designing Your 401(k) Plan: Options for Employees to Access Retirement Dollars

Each company and each retirement plan is different, so it’s important to discuss how these options will (or won’t) work for your organization. To learn more about what makes sense for your company and how these changes can be implemented, please contact DirectAdvisors at 518-362-2119 or by emailing us at RPW.Direct.Advisors.Info@hubinternational.com.