Move Prevailing Wage Dollars Out of Payroll and Reduce Associated Costs

By constructing a bona fide fringe benefit plan, you’ll increase profits. Submit more competitive bids. Build employee loyalty.

Direct Advisors maintains a thorough understanding of the laws governing prevailing wage in the construction industry.

Simplify the complicated process of complying with the Davis-Bacon Act or similar laws while saving money and building your business.

From fringe benefit plan design to plan administration to communicating the benefits and requirements to your employees, we’re at your side whenever you need us.

Find out how we can help you design and administer a bona fide benefit plan that meets federal and state contract compliance requirements. 

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Volatility Continues in 1Q 2016

Volatility Continues in 1Q 2016

You may recall our blog post from February titled, “Recent Volatility in the Financial Markets – Don’t Panic!”, which addressed the volatility in the stock market at the beginning of 2016. The rest of the first quarter was no different, as the markets rallied to new 2016 highs over the last few days of March.

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